Thursday, 1 January 2015

Resolution Breakers

So, January 2 began like this...


Good job I didn't make that '2015 is going to be my Healthy Eating Year! Wooo bring on the kale!!' resolution hey? So far so good on that front (blog more and be happy, checked those two off by baking cookies and blogging about it, boom) ...aaaand now I can take these delicious little darlings to my nearest and dearest and bribe them out of THEIR New Years Resolutions...! (In my defence, these cookies have oats, that practically makes them a muesli bar for Gods sake)

My family arrive today and are right now on their way up from Sydney, I can't wait to see them! And, to be honest, eat these cookies with a valid reason rather than standing at the fridge picking tiny (ahem, massive) bits off the raw dough...  Which is how New Years Day was largely spent. Yikes.


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