Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Who's a pretty girl then?

Mouse and Lola has had a little makeover!

Okay, so with only two posts up its not exactly normal to go through a re-brand, but having messed about a bit with Blogger and being a complete novice with anything like this, I started to research into employing someone to make it look beautiful.

Silly I know, but the perfecitonist in me would NOT let me post something until it was perfect. Hence only two posts in two months. One of which has crap photography... But anyway. I wanted to put my thoughts down on a virtual space that looked absolutely gorgeous. So shallow. I like pretty things. Messy, half-assed things, not so much. I want you guys to stay and feel happy to mooch around this space and click and pin all the pretty things, all the time.

Enter Steph from Bonjour Belle. A gorgeous and totally talented Blogger who is also a brilliant designer. She whipped up the new design in no time and I am eternally grateful for her help in getting me set up. She is literally the only person I know (and that's only in internet-world) that has an actual blog, isn't that sad? 2014 resolution is to make more friends through blogging. And to get my real life friends into it.

Hang on, I definitely cannot start thinking about 2014 yet. So many more exciting things are still to happen in 2013! Birthdays, parties, secret thank-you extravaganzas, fireworks, engagement parties, BRUNO MARS and weekends away, all to fit in before the end of the year. Oh and it's eight weeks 'til Christmas tomorrow people, EIGHT WEEKS.

And in the meantime, now I have such a pretty virtual baby, you can expect lots more posts. No excuses now...

So, she's up, looking all sparkly and new. Go on, tell her she's pretty...

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